Oil & Gas

Exploration for oil and gas is an important part of the upstream sector. Petroleum exploration requires very sophisticated techniques, and the technology available for petroleum exploration is rapidly advancing. Drilling companies explore and physically drill and pump oil out of the ground and not only is this process high tech, it can generate high impact noise and heat. The people with the skills and expertise to operate drilling equipment are experts and thus in high demand, and so their comfort and safety is paramount.

Pyrotek offer soundproofing solutions to protect workers from vibration impact and heavy equipment. Materials for structural fire protection also play a role here.


Accommodation for crew quarters are typically partitioned to meet A, B and C class fire ratings and Pyrotek offer excellent solutions for acoustic performance. Simple systems and solutions for these areas, engine rooms, floors, industrial noise enclosures and more are available to suit offshore applications. We ensure our solutions meet or exceed the requirements of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations.

Offshore solutions

Oil and Gas on land

Land based solutions for Efficiency

All situations are covered by our range of Acoustic Foams, Mass-Loaded Vinyls, composites of these two materials as well as the full range of Glasswool and Rockwool.
The Pyrotek range of materials to suit the prevailing conditions is vast, encapsulating a selection of insulating materials to calculated thicknesses for minimising heat loss.
• Metal fabrication & cladding
• Cryogenic insulation
• Flexible valve covers
• Condensation protection
• Acoustic and vapour barriers
• Covers and high temperature material
• Expansion joints