Decicoat T35

water-based, sprayable thermal coating

Decicoat™ T35 is a water-based spray-on thermal insulation coating specially formulated with anti-condensation and corrosion protection properties. It has been developed to meet market requirements in the rail, off-shore, marine, chemical, petroleum, automotive and construction industries.

Unlike traditional insulation materials like glass wool or mineral fibre, Decicoat T35, being sprayable, provides a seamless application with 100% coverage. This means Decicoat T35 successfully prevents thermal bridging. With excellent adhesion to most metals, Decicoat T35 bonds flush with substrates even around uneven surfaces. Depending on the application requirement, it can be used as an independent solution, or to complement other insulation materials, when added protection from condensation and corrosion are required for overall thermal performance.

Condensation is associated with relative humidity, air pressure, and occurs when temperature differentials between two areas pass over the ‘dew point’ threshold. With the right coating thickness, Decicoat™ T35 regulates surface temperatures of the component by inhibiting thermal transfer to effectively control the onset of condensation.

Near odourless, it complies with international fire codes for building, rail and marine applications, exhibiting a low spread of flame, low heat release, low toxicity and low smoke release during combustion.

Decicoat™ T35 pail