Decidamp DC06

water-based, two-component damping compound

Decidamp® DC06 is a water-based, two-component damping compound, which works best in a constrained layer configuration (sandwich system). Its excellent viscoelastic damping properties result in substantial reductions in structure-borne noise. The product is suitable for use in a multitude of applications, especially in marine environments such as bulkheads and decks.

Decidamp DC06 performs effectively over a broad temperature and frequency range, enabling it to achieve significant reductions of radiated structure-borne noise in a wide variety of applications and conditions.

Decidamp DC06 is applied to metal or perforated metal, to reduce the weight of the system, which is then bonded to the surface that needs to be treated. During curing, it forms a secure bond between the counter-plate and substrate, creating an excellent viscoelastic damping medium. The product can be used in confined environments due to its low odour properties. The application tools can be easily washed with warm water after use.

Decidamp® DC06 is a two-component water-based damping compound supplied in a single pail

Decidamp® DC06 is a two-component water-based damping compound supplied in a single pail

Technical data

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for more information.

Document downloads

Document title Document type Document language
Decidamp DC06 Technical Data Sheet 日本語 (Japanese)
Decidamp DC06 Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet English
Decidamp DC06 Installation Guide Installation Guide English


  • Marine: hulls, decks and bulkheads to reduce vibration spread and structure-borne noise
  • Propeller and bow thruster areas
  • Transport: automotive and rail industry
  • Industrial: earthmoving equipment, portable generator and pump units
  • Suitable flooring systems to reduce impact noise


  • Water-based formula: non-hazardous when mixed
  • Low odour properties: suitable for confined areas
  • Complies in accordance with IMO FTP Code Annex 1 Part 5 and Part 2
  • High coverage rate, fast application & curing
  • Excellent adhesion to steel, aluminium and glass
  • composite substrates
  • Highly effective at reducing structure-borne noise
  • Suitable for outdoor exposure
  • Excellent fire-resistant properties
  • Low-weight viscoelastic damping
  • Broad temperature range
  • Cures without shrinking or cracking