Wavebar NC

high tensile strength noise barrier

Wavebar® NC is a high performance, flexible, tough, mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier curtain offering superior acoustic transmission loss. It was developed to meet requirements for construction and industrial sites.

Pyrotek® engineered Wavebar® NC to be tear resistant, with a high tensile strength tarpaulin base fabric that can withstand tough weather conditions and UV light.

It was designed to be durable, resist most chemicals, solvents, petrol and offering versatility to hang or drape in long lengths - being the ideal choice for outdoor, construction and industrial sites.

Wavebar® NC can be designed as a partial or complete enclosure around noise sources to reduce noise transference. Can incorporate velcro seals, eyelets or other customised requirements meaning the enclosure can be easy to adjust, remove, or for accessibility.

Sorberfoam™ or Sorberpoly™ can be laminated on Wavebar® NC to further assist in absorbing and reducing noise. It is also simple to cut into various shapes to suit any design or area of application.

Wavebar® NC