lightweight thermal insulation

Thermobreak® is a premium, thermal insulation product manufactured from physically crosslinked, closed-cell polyolefin foam. Unlike open-cell foam or fibre-based insulation, Thermobreak® is designed to maintain thermal performance when exposed to moisture.

Thermobreak® can replace conventionally used EPDM and nitrile based foams to combat condensation around air conditioning ducts, walls and ceilings. Its lightweight nature makes it the ideal choice for extremely weight sensitive applications such as in the rail industry.

The flammability properties from Thermobreak® meet some of the most stringent fire requirements. It achieves some of the highest fire ratings set out by rail and building industries such as EN 45545-2, BS 476 parts 6 & 7 and BSS 7239.

The exceptional durability and lightweight properties offer comfortable handling for all applications. It is also available with a facing to enhance product performance and protect it from water, oil and other liquid ingresses.

Thermobreak® is a registered trademark of Sekisui Chemical
Co. Ltd and is used with permission for Pyrotek as distributors.

Thermobreak achieves some of the highest fire ratings

Thermobreak achieves some of the highest fire ratings

Technical data

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for more information.

Document downloads

Document title Document type Document language
Thermobreak RT Technical Data Sheet English
Thermobreak RT (ZH) Technical Data Sheet 中文 (Chinese)
Thermobreak AcoustiPlus Technical Data Sheet English
Transport Summary Brochure English
Transport Summary (ZH) Brochure 中文 (Chinese)


  • Train interior insulation
  • Air conditioning ducts / units
  • HVAC transportation equipment


  • Lightweight
  • Varying range of thicknesses
  • Achieves some of the highest fire ratings