Removable Insulation Covers

custom-fit, removeable thermal covers

Removeable covers for high temperature applications (and safety) means less down time and more effective, longer lasting insulation. Available in many unique combinations of high temperature fabrics, facings and finishes we manufacture fully customised solutions for machinery and industrial applications. Industrial sewn covers are high performance and long-lasting. Often thermal efficiencies are realised with the use of our cover, saving on energy costs and bringing an innovative secondary benefit to a standard practice.

Insulate from heat transfer and against noise.Allow for chemical expansion and protect across many industrial applications such as LNG, Oil & Gas, power generation, mining, heavy machinery, plants and processing mills. Reduction in noise will achieve safer conditions for nearby staff and workers, plus more effective protection of equipment and accessibility for maintenance.

Our range of standard mass loaded vinyl barriers include ‘Wavebar®’, and ‘Wavebar® NC’ with reinforced fabric backing offering strength and is self-supporting. The extraordinary strength of ‘Wavebar® offers versatility in large areas or noise enclosures in industrial and construction sites.

Contact your local Pyrotek® office for more information on removable insulation covers.

Easy to install and remove covers mean maintenance time windows are minimised

Easy to install and remove covers mean maintenance time windows are minimised

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  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical applications
  • Gas plants
  • Power plants
  • Turbine plants
  • Processing mills


  • Variety of specialty fabrics to withstand highly corrosive, acidic and alkaline conditions
  • Custom made options, expert team
  • Measured to fit even in complex areas
  • Complete solutions ready for order
  • Ideal for safer, easy to clean insulation requirements