Pyrojacket® is a high-bulk glass fibre, woven to produce a hollow sleeve or ribbon. It is coated with a high-temperature silicone rubber and will withstand continuous temperatures from -54°C to 260°C (-65°F to 500°F), as well as intermittent exposure to temperatures up to 1650°C (3002°F). Pyrojacket sleeving slips on easily and expands over fittings and connectors. Pyrojacket ribbon can be wrapped on without disconnecting fittings. Each product is end-fixed in place with Pyrosil adhesive tape.

Pyrojacket® is a registered trademark of ADL Industries Inc.



Technical data

Please refer to the attached data sheet for more information.

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Pyrojacket-MTHIP-TDS Technical Data Sheet English
Specialty Products Brochure English
Specialty Products Brochure (ZH) Brochure 中文 (Chinese)
Offshore Marine Brochure English


  • Protective covering for cables, ropes and hoses
  • Sheath for bundling of multiple wires
  • Insulation covering to prevent heat loss from hot metal
    hoses and piping


  • Withstands intermittent flame
  • Sheds molten spatter of metals and glass
  • Resistant to slag and resin build-up
  • Protects against abrasion, solvents and corrosive chemicals
  • Protects operators against scorching contacts of metalhoses and pipes
  • Provides “Danger Red” warning
  • No harmful by-products of combustion
  • Easily installed