Sorbertextile STA

heat reactive adhesive coated glass based acoustic fabric for perforated tiles & panels

Sorbertextile™ STA is a glass based acoustic textile, coated with a heat reactive adhesive. The fabric was selected to provide excellent mechanical strength, opacity , permeability and flammability.

It is predominantly designed for installation behind perforated panels to provide good sound absorption and elegant appearance. The fabric further assists in preventing fibre release from bulk insulation materials like polyester blanket, rockwool or fibreglass, if being used to further boost the acoustic properties.

Sorbertextile STA can be laminated to Sorberscreen®, Sorberfoam, Sorberpoly™ or Sorberglass® to enhance fire and acoustic performance.

When laminated to Sorberscreen® perforated metal, it achieves the highest fire ratings complying with International standards for low spread of flame, MED B and MED D certification (Wheelmark), as well as British standards achieving a Class ‘0’.

It is supplied ready for use, with a pre-applied adhesive backing to allow attachment to any type of perforated panel system. To achieve a good bond, preheating only to 100°C to 150°C and gentle pressure are required. Therefore messy adhesive-spraying processes can be eliminated.

Sorbertextile STA is available in black colour although white colour is available on request (subject to ordered quantity).

Sorbertextile™ STA