Subdue TR

lightweight noise barrier

Subdue® TR is a multi-layered internally damped noise barrier panel constructed from layers of birch veneers combined with acoustic barrier. Higher amount of thinner veneer layers give Subdue TR and TR Plus it’s superior strength when compared against plywoods commonly used in construction.

Veneer lay-up is done in cross pattern to add not only strength but also increase internal damping of the panel. Utilising phenol-formaldehyde resin between the layers of veneer gives plywood resistance against environment, weather conditions,
hot and cold water as well as steam.

Subdue TR

Subdue TR

Technical data

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for more information.

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Document title Document type Document language
Subdue TR Technical Data Sheet English
Subdue TR18 Technical Data Sheet English
Subdue TR Plus Technical Data Sheet English
Subdue TR18 Plus Technical Data Sheet English


  • Flooring for rail carriages, trucks and trailers

  • Exterior formwork

  • Used in conjunction with an isolation mounts to create floating flooring

  • Factory flooring

  • Scaffolding platforms


  • Highest possible fire rating according to EN45545-2

  • Birch based plywood for maximum strength

  • Low weight to strength ratio

  • Phenol-formaldehyde based adhesive for exterior applications

  • Various surface finish options from phenolic film to knurled surface

  • Low moisture content