Sorberscreen Micro

advanced micro-perforated metal absorber

Sorberscreen® Micro is a unique, micro-perforated metal sound absorber. It eliminates the need for flow resistive textile backing, as used on conventional perforated metal screen products.

Sorberscreen® Micro has a hard, durable finish consisting of 1 mm aluminium, with subtle aesthetic appeal, which could be mistaken for fabric.

The perfect finish for sound absorption in architectural and marine walls, ceilings, and noise absorber panel applications, it also finds use in vessel engine rooms, transportation engine bay applications, and around enclosures for both noise control and thermal dissipation.

Available in plain aluminium, anodised or pre-painted to a range of colours. Sorberscreen™ Micro should not be painted or powder coated after micro perforation as this will change the acoustic performance of the panel.

The effective sound absorption obtained across the frequency range using Sorberscreen™ Micro can easily be adjusted by simply changing the depth of the backing void.

(Refer Installation Guide on ‘Sorberscreen Micro’ for details).

Sorberscreen® Micro