Soundalloy MPM

constrained layer metal composite

Soundalloy® MPM is a damped aluminium composite comprising two layers of aluminium laminated together using a layer of a viscoelastic polymer to form the laminate.

Using the “constrained layer” principle, the function of the viscoelastic interlayer is to damp disturbing structure borne sound.

Soundalloy MPM is free from resonance and coincidence phenomena which often detract from the performance of other acoustic insulation materials.

Using aluminium sheet allows the laminate to be used as a structural material in equipment construction.

Soundalloy MPM can be used to fabricate acoustic doors, laundry and garbage chutes, ducts, enclosures, extraction hoods, and automotive components such as valve covers & oil sumps.

Because of the aluminium base material, Soundalloy MPM can be used in severe environments which other materials cannot withstand.

Other metals such as stainless steel and EG steel can be substituted for aluminium.

Note: Powder-coated panels should not be bent. Bending should be completed on plain panels and painted on site. We recommend conducting trials on small samples pieces first.



Soundalloy® MPM