Decidamp SLC

viscoelastic self-levelling vibration damping compound

Decidamp® SLC is a two-component, polyurethane-based,vibration-damping compound used in flooring applications.

Developed to meet market requirements to reduce structural noise and vibration in the marine and offshore industries. Viscoelastic, lightweight and predominantly used as a primary deck layer or a sub-layer to a variety of floor coverings. Inherent self-levelling properties are highly suited to levelling uneven floor surfaces e.g. warped metal plates, or providing a seamless flat working surface.

Decidamp® SLC can be applied from relatively thin layers up to the required thickness to treat the surface. It's unique properties reduce structural vibration in flooring applications when installed as a constrained layer between two rigid surfaces. When used between a steel or aluminium deck and any non-combustible cementitious screed, it performs like a constrained layer damper and significantly enhances the acoustic properties. It isolates and insulates floor coverings, thereby reducing noise transfer from airborne and structural vibration, footfall or impact noise to noise-sensitive areas under decks.


Decidamp® SLC