Pyrotek products are designed for extreme marine conditions. Aesthetic and environmental factors have been allowed for in the product construction, offering products that meet or exceed the requirements of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations. Many of these solutions will also protect your asset from structural duress, metal fatigue and ensure longevity and structural soundness for years to come.

Selecting the right solutions will substantially reduce noise levels on Commercial, Cruiseliner, Luxury, Defence and Military vessels, improving boating pleasure and safety.

Luxury (Motor, Super & Mega Yachts)

Luxury vessels are often better equipped than the average home. Advanced solutions ensure passenger comfort from rough seas, structure borne noise and vibration from engine machinery. Decidamp is the complete range designed to reduce waveslap and noise transmitted by vibration.Machinery is also a major source of airborne noise on a vessel. Quadzero NL offers the best solution to up-rate interior lodgings including walls, partitions, and bulkheads to reduce transmission and protect occupants. In floors, use Subdue and Silentstep for effective noise barriers against air borne noise propagation between levels. Use Silentstep and Sorberbarrier together as a good, practical combination, for both barrier and absorption in engine room enclosures, generators and floors.

Pleasurecraft yachts and luxurious mega yachts all require sophisticated soundproofing solutions

Commercial cruise liner

Commercial / Cruiseliner

Large scale commercial passenger liners need to consider comfort of crew and guests. Refurbishment, maintenance and other considerations effect product selection for acoustic and thermal insulation. Pyrotek offer various solutions to structure borne noise and vibration damping requirements for large scale vessels such as Decidamp SP150 and Decidamp SLC. Use Quadzero NL in engine rooms or as part of structural fire protection systems on board.  



Heavy workboats can make life at see a chore, so addressing some of the noise issues is worthwhile to protect vessels from structural fatigue and control some of the noise from a range of sources. Existing machinery enclosures can be treated with Sorberbarrier to reduce the transmission of noise to other areas of the boat, and to absorb reflected noise within the enclosure. Decidamp products reduce vibration or "ringing" of metal panels or structures, such as fuel tanks, bow thrusters, propeller tunnels and machinery casing. Hull treatment and partial machinery enclosures or enclosures with adequate transmission loss should be lined with Sorberfoam to control the reverberation noise or "echo" within the enclosure.

Commercial workboats including those with onboard machinery winches and generators