Weber Marine Flooring

damping and flooring underlay - cement-based, self-levelling compound

Weber.floor 4660 Marine Elastic is a fibre reinforced, cement-based, self-levelling compound used in interior flooring applications for the marine and off-shore industries. The product is available as a pre-mixed dry powder, to which water, in the recommended ratio, is added on-site.

It complies with marine regulations for fire performance and is suited for use as a primary or secondary deck covering. It provides a finished sub-floor for most types of floor coverings such as PVC, vinyl, linoleum, stone, ceramics, carpets etc. It should not be used without a final floor finish and is primarily suited for light traffic areas (mainly foot traffic) in marine and offshore applications.

It’s used as either a bonding, underlay or floated screed, or applied on existing concrete or cement-based substrates for ship repair purposes. The acoustic properties of the floor system can be considerably enhanced when used with a viscoelastic interlayer such as Decidamp® SLC.

The constrained layer system formed by the use of Decidamp SLC is certified to EC (MED B and D) and USCG type approval for maritime applications. The system dampens structure-borne noise from machine rooms housing engines, generators, compressors and other mechanical components that are common acoustic challenges on offshore platforms, maritime vessels and industrial structures.

The mixed compound can be machine-pumped or easily applied by hand in layer thicknesses from 2 to 30mm. When used with LWA (expanded clay aggregates, grain size 2-6mm), it can be applied in layer thicknesses of 10-100mm, thereby achieving greater layer thicknesses and lower weight/mm/m².

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