Echohush Board

acoustic board for office and room acoustics

Echohush Board is composed of high-density material manufactured from 100% polyester fibres. It is a lightweight, semi-rigid panel that allows for maximum flexibility in applications and finished solutions. Due to its composition, the panel is non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritant - meaning it is a product that is safe to handle.

Echohush Board is suited for any open office environment, as a partition divider or even as a pre-finished acoustic panel, which allows flexibility for the design layout in an open office or any commercial interior. It can also serve as a pin board.

The acoustic performance of Echohush Board offers privacy in open office environments, reduce reverberated sound and assists in lowering cross-talk in open plan areas - improving speech intelligibility and comfort of occupants.

Echohush Board supports different facings to compliment and blend with commercial and retail interiors.

Echohush Board