Sorberscreen ST

high-performance metal perforated sound absorber

Sorberscreen is a perforated metal sheet sound absorber. The sheets are supplied either plain or backed with Sorbertextile STA, a black, high airflow resistant glass-based acoustic textile, that offers high-performance sound absorption. The product has a hard, durable finish with an aesthetic appeal.

The perforated metal screen is made from either marine grade 5052 aluminium sheet (Sorberscreen ALU) or electro-galvanised steel (Sorberscreen EGS) with 28% open area. This open area allows the sound waves to be passed through from the noise source and be absorbed by the backing fabric. Sound waves when travelling through the flow resistant backing fabric, creates heat through friction, causing a loss of energy, thus reducing noise and reflected sound. The sheets have a white powder coating, offering resistance to corrosion. The metal screen can be easily powder coated, or spray painted to any colour desired, before being bonded with the backing fabric, Sorbertextile STA.

The degree of sound absorption obtained can easily be increased by extending the air gap behind Sorberscreen. This cavity created, can be filled with any other insulation material to enhance sound absorption further. The backing material provides a protective layer and prevents fibre release, if any, from such insulation materials.

Sorbertextile STA with hot melt reactive adhesive backing has a low spread of flame properties and is recognised as a Group 1-s material by Australian and New Zealand building codes. The fabric offers high opacity and an aesthetic appearance to provide a perfect finish in engine rooms, soundproof enclosures, architectural walls and ceiling absorptive panel applications.

Sorberscreen® ST

Sorberscreen® ST

Technical data

Sorberscreen® is a perforated metal sheet sound absorber. The sheets are supplied either plain or backed with Sorbertextile™ STA, a black, high air flow resistant glass based acoustic textile, that offers high performance sound absorption.

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for more information.

Document downloads

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SORBERSCREEN-TDS-214IP Technical Data Sheet English
Sorberscreen Micro Installation Installation Guide English
Marine Summary Brochure English
Marine Summary (ZH) Brochure 中文 (Chinese)
Transport Summary Brochure English
Transport Summary (ZH) Brochure 中文 (Chinese)


  • Decorative and durable protective engine room cover in marine, power generation and engine bays of large mobile equipment
  • Wall and ceiling insulation in marine engine rooms
  • Lining of acoustic enclosures
  • Acoustic baffles
  • Interior decorative wall absorbers


  • Maximises noise control by providing superior air borne noise reduction
  • Complies to IMO FTP 2010 - low spread of flame
  • Complies to BS 476.6 and 7 - Class 0
  • Highly durable, offers high impact resistance
  • Marine grade metal
  • Can be supplied with Sorbertextile™ STA backing
  • Can be used in conjunction with other insulation materials like Sorberpoly™, Sorbertextile™ Sorberfoam, Sorberglass® and Sorberbarrier™ products to increase the acoustic performance
  • Easy to clean, cut and install
  • Easily cut and shaped using conventional metal working tooling
  • Excellent performance between 630 Hz to 2.5 kHz 1/3rd octave bands