Subdue X

high-performance noise barrier

Subdue® X is a multilayered damped noise barrier panel constructed from two outer layers of lightweight marine grade hardwood, compliant to BS 1088, with inner core comprising a dense, damped viscoelastic layer offering excellent noise transmission loss. Subdue was developed to meet noise reduction requirements in commercial, rail, and marine constructions.

The viscoelastic core is made from a special polymer, developed to provide excellent damping properties that reduce structural vibration, resulting in lower airborne noise. This unique property makes Subdue X the highest performing composite panel in the product range. The product is suited to high privacy areas such Master State Rooms, rail carriages, boardrooms, VIP lounges and interrogation rooms.

The ‘X’ category of ‘Subdue’ panels includes an inner core with a density ranging of up to ≥2000 kg/m³. The core can be offered in weights ranging from 8 kg/m² up to 14 kg/m².

Coincidence dip is a common phenomenon in lightweight panels, that adversely impacts the sound transmission loss performance in materials such as timber, plywood, sheet metal, low density rigid foams and hollow core walls. Subdue’s unique multilayered composition with its inner core layer, reduces the impact of the coincidence dip, thereby maintaining the performance of the panel. Subdue X works by reflecting, absorbing and damping the vibration and transmission of sound through walls and floors, reducing the noise generated from sources such as mechanical equipment, engines and electronic audio devices.

Pyrotek endorses forest sustainability and the preservation of natural environment. We procure highest quality materials from suppliers who hold FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification) amongst other certification programmes. Subdue ‘Okoume’ ply is tested to AS/NZS 2098.11 and classifies as ‘E-0’ for low Formaldehyde emission.

Subdue® X