Pyrotek have designed products for challenging automotive conditions. Our products can substantially reduce noise levels on private and commercial vehicles and heavy equipment, improving driver and passenger comfort and safety.

Pyrotek is expert in the field of world-class, acoustic and thermal insulation solutions and specialised products for Automotive, Car, Bus / Coach, Rail, Trains, Locomotive, Speciality Vehicles and trucks.

Rail, Trains & Locomotive

Transport noise from rail carriages and vehicular movement over tracks is high impact to nearby residents and is naturally an issue to be overcome in urban environments. Loud wheel contact and vibration caused means noise is transmitted far and wide. Passengers also are exposed to this noise and additional sources from ancillary equipment (structure borne and airborne input) from body panels which can radiate sound.

Products such as Decidamp SP450, Decidamp SP500, Sorberpoly 2D, Quadzero NL and Sorbermel are recommended for use to protect staff, passengers and the community in which the carriages operate.

Trains and rail infrastructure

Automotive soundproofing

Automotive, Car or SUV

Passenger vehicles and the automotive market are highly competitive and manufacturers need to consider every aspect of their design to ensure their vehicles are the most desirable on the market. Drive and road noise combined with engine noise can all contribute to driving experience. Pyrotek offer simple and custom manufacturer solutions for every aspect of automotive soundproofing. Consider Decidamp CLD, Decidamp SP150,  and Quadzero NL surrounding the engine. Interior carpets and panels can benefit from treatment by products such as Silentstep, Soundmat, and Sorberfoam varieties.

Specialty Vehicles & Heavy Equipment

Protection for operators from fatigue is important for safety with special vehicles and heavy equipment applications. Products such as Soundmat, Sorberbarrier and custom kits are suitable for these types of vehicle due to their high fire ratings and suitability for tackling industrial levels of noise.

Heavy equipment