high performance ultralight acoustic and thermal insulation polyimide foam

Sorbermide® A and Sorbermide® T are one of the lightest and flexible polyimide foams in the market, offering a unique combination of excellent sound-proofing and thermal insulation performance with high fire properties. Sorbermide A and Sorbermide T were engineered to meet market requirements for lightweight, high-performance, acoustic and thermal insulation material for demanding industrial environments.

Being extremely light-weight, Sorbermide foam is suited to weight-sensitive applications and high-speed crafts including those in the Marine, Military, Aerospace and Railway industries. Substantial weight-savings to these crafts and vehicles enhance their cost, energy and fuel efficiency. It is also an ideal choice for duct and piping insulation

Sorbermide® is non-fibrous, free from VOC and offers a durable alternative to other lightweight and fibrous insulation materials.