Sorbertextile V

hard-wearing perforated vinyl surface covering

Sorbertextile V is a hard-wearing, perforated vinyl surface covering designed to provide a protective barrier while allowing the sound energy to be effectively absorbed by the acoustic material. It can be used in areas in conjunction with sound absorbing products in transportation enclosures and cabin linings.

It can be laminated to Sorberfoam and Sorberbarrier products to protect the acoustic material. The facing is resistant to dust, sprays and liquid. The product is available in multiple colours such as black, white, grey, beige and sandpiper.

Sorbertextile V is available as an unsupported textile or supported for additional strength in harsh environments.

Sorbertextile V is available with a number of facing options.

Sorbertextile V is available with a number of facing options.

Technical data

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for more information.

Document downloads

Document title Document type Document language
SORBERTEXTILE-V-TDS-278IP Technical Data Sheet English


When used as a surface covering on acoustic materials:

  • Transport and industrial vehicle cabins
  • Acoustic enclosures, control rooms and recording studios
  • Power generation units, machinery and equipment enclosures
  • Acoustic screens and wall lining in offices and factories


  • Allows sound energy to penetrate the acoustic foam
  • Hard-wearing, strong and flexible
  • Resistant to dust, sprays and liquids
  • Available in a range of colours - black, white, grey, beige and sandpiper