Acoustick is a synthetic rubber solvent based contact adhesive, that must be applied to both surfaces to be bonded. It features good sprayability, high heat resistance, rapid bond strength and long open tack life.
It has good adhesion to metal, timber, rigid or flexible acoustic insulation foam, MDF and some plastic surfaces and are therefore used in many industrial applications.
Pyrotek® noise control products can be installed applying Acoustick contact adhesive on both surfaces to be bonded.
Pyrotek® also offer products that are pre-sprayed with Acoustick contact adhesive, in which case, you will be required to apply Acoustick contact adhesive only to the surface of the substrate being bonded to. The adhesive
applied on the substrate will reactivate the dry film of presprayed adhesive backing the product, and form a bond on contact, with high initial strength and shear resistance.

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