Decidamp Tile

vibration damping tile

Decidamp® Tile is a high performance structural damping product, engineered to reduce vibrational resonances in thick panel constructions. It was developed to meet market requirements in the industrial, marine, rail and heavy vehicle industries.

Decidamp® Tiles are formulated using a blend of new generation polymer compounds which provide exceptional damping over a broad temperature range of 10 to 50°C. The tiles are designed to comply with Type 2 Navy damping tile specifications of MIL-PRF-23653D*.

Structures from materials such as steels, fibreglass and alloys, that have minimal internal damping properties, resonate at their natural frequencies and vibrate on impact. Decidamp tiles are one of the most effective forms of extensional damping materials that can be easily bonded to vibrating surfaces to reduce impact-generated noise and resonant vibration at its source. Being specifically engineered to reduce vibration in heavy gauge structures, the semi-rigid tiles have a unique combination of good mechanical strength and visco-elastic properties that enable them to absorb large amounts of mechanical energy from vibrating structures. The tiles dissipate the vibrational energy through the structure thereby reducing radiated noise-levels.

Decidamp® Tiles can be installed using Pyrotek’s ‘Decidamp® DC30’ - which is a two-part polyurethane system. The acoustic and non-slumping properties of the adhesive allows the damping tiles to be installed without the use of mechanical aids such as screws or pins, while adding to the acoustic performance of the damped system. In certain applications, a military specified epoxy adhesive such as Lord Corporation’s 306 or ITW’s Phillybond TA-30 adhesives may be preferred.

Decidamp® Tile