Sorbermide Coverings

coverings specified to US MIL Spec DOD-I-24688, Amendment 1


Type I - unfaced (thermal and acoustic absorptive) panel

Type II - faced panel

Class 1 - FG Cloth - Fibrous glass cloth faced (thermal) Class 2 - slotted base board faced with perforated fibrous glass cloth (acoustical)

Class 3 - Faced with primer coated aluminized polyester/aluminium foil reinforced with a fibrous glass scrim

Class 4 - faced with primer coated aluminized polyester/aluminium foil reinforced with a fibrous glass scrim laminated to a lightweight fibrous glass cloth

Class 5 - faced with primer coated white polyester film reinforced with a fibrous glass scrim

Sorbermide Covering - Type II Class 1

Technical data

Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for more information.

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  • TYPE II Class 2 - thermal insulation of ship’s bulkheads, structural stiffeners and air-conditioning ductwork, where a flame retardant covering is required
  • TYPE II Class 4 - highly suited for applications exposed to mechanical damage or where abrasion is experienced
  • Navy : submarines, aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, minehunters
  • Military armoured vehicles, personnel carriers


  • FG Cloth is specified for use as TYPE II Class 1 MIL Spec DOD-I-24688 covering. It is a satin weave fiberglass fabric, coated with a white sizing
  • TYPE II Class 2 is ’FG Cloth’ fabric with perforated face
  • TYPE II CLASS 3 MIL SPEC DOD-I-24688 - Foil/Film combination provides an excellent vapour barrier
  • TYPE II CLASS 4 MIL SPEC DOD-I-24688 - Product is a lamination of TYPE II Class 3 and ‘FG Cloth’ (Type II Class 1). The combined benefits of these two materials provide a robust facing product
  • TYPE II CLASS 5 MIL SPEC DOD-I-24688 - a white polyester reinforced fibreglass scrim. The fibreglass scrim and polyester film are laminated using a high temperature resistant and fire retardant adhesive. It offers resistance to oil and water and is a tough, puncture resistant product