Long range expedition cruiser 'Black Pearl' yacht fitout

The challenges

The aluminium hull, 103 ft luxury motor yacht launched in 2010 encapsulates the true spirit of luxury and versatility for 20th century exploring expeditions.

Accomodation on board needed to provide comfort and quietness at sea. This included owner, guest, and crew cabins. The full width owners Stateroom is located midship, on the lower deck complete with ensuite bathroom,

The yacht required full package of noise control, and rated fireproofing - complete insulation inclusions to ensure the right experience and comfort level in terms of living, entertaining and on the move.

The solutions

Naval architects and interior engineers worked with Pyrotek via the independent build team Diverse Projects to specify suitable solutions covering vibration isolation, vibration damping, thermal insulation and exhaust noise. With strict quality control the project managers were happy to spec in dependable materials - working closely with Specialist Marine Interiors (SMI) in Whangarei. Pyrotek worked on all aspects of sound control, ranging from the creation of an internal structure to minimise noise transfer from without, as well as employing sophisticated insulation techniques to diminish any cross-bulkhead disturbance from within.Guest accommodation is set forward for quieter nights in port.  

Exhaust system components, sound control and fireproofing was consulted upon and supplied. A60 rated fireproofing products for the engine room. 

Sylomer, Subdue, Soundpaint, Soundalloy, ULTIMATE, Centek were included in the final design.

The results

Black Pearl's superior quality reflects well on the capability of the entire team and New Zealand's maritime industries. Conforming to the clients specific requirements, the technical complexity behind the shiny exterior ensures the latest in comfortable exploration for crew and guests alike.

The superstructure included thoughtful consideration for every aspect, including the noise levels within and on board. The design to create a floating structure to insulate the interior was a sophisticated and effective approach.

" You need to work hard to make the most of every bit of space and we took that philosophy to extract as much volume as possible." Providing a wholistic approach to noise control from the beginning meant optimising space. Including this consideration as an integral part of the design, and consulting early in the process seamlessly ensured a very positive, well executed process. Enviable and understated the experience on board has proved timeless and means the owner was delighted with the results.

black pearl
black pearl callout
A sophisticated internal structure was designed to diminish any cross-bulkhead disturbance in the vessel
black pearl engine documents

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Decidamp SP150 Technical Data Sheet English
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Decidamp SP150 (JA) Technical Data Sheet 日本語 (Japanese)
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Decidamp Range Brochure 中文 (Chinese)
Decidamp SP Range Installation (ZH) Installation Guide 中文 (Chinese)
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SOUNDMETAL-INSTALL-101-1IG-ZH Installation Guide 中文 (Chinese)
Pyrotek LNG & Offshore Catalogue (ZH) Catalogues 中文 (Chinese)