One of the first steps in successfully controlling noise problems is ensuring you have selected the correct product.

With Thermal solutions one of our specialties, (including Expansion Joints and soft products) Pyrotek have designed high-level acoustic performance products for Industrial markets including Heavy Machinery, HVAC, Power generation, Processing Plants and Sugar Mills.

Plant Rooms

 Partial machinery enclosures or enclosures to help control the reverberation noise or "echo" are necessary.

Products such as Sorberfoam with appropriate facings are used to absorb excess noise emission. Full enclosures can benefit from the application of Sorberbarrier or similar specialty composite solutions.

Plant rooms require enclosures constructed with suitable materials

Machinery insulation soundproofing


 For use with specific machines through to large-scale plant rooms. Pyrotek products can substantially reduce machinery noise levels, assisting in meeting health & safety requirements, improve staff communication and provide safe, suitable working environments. Where efficiency and protection are concerned, our products meet the highest standards and can be built suitable to your specific requirements.

Use products as above, Sorberbarrier or also rely upon absorbing ranges with AGC facing for effective results and increased fire properties.