Designed to provide high-level acoustic performance in commercial and industrial buildings, cosmetic and environmental factors have been allowed for in the product construction for use in building and construction, right through to internal surface finishes. Pyrotek products can substantially reduce noise levels in multi-level buildings, assist in meeting health & safety requirements, improve staff communication and enhance work, social and living environments.

Pyrotek products provide high-level acoustic performance in built environments such as:

Offices, Commercial Buildings, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Schools, Educational Facilities, Hospitals,  Sports Facilities, Gymnasiums, Leisure Centres, Home Cinemas, Commercial Theatres, Home Entertainment, Media Rooms, Private Homes and Residential Apartments.

Commercial Buildings

Waste Water Pipes

Use Soundlag to reduce noise breakout from waste water pipes. Highly flexible to wrap around the smallest pipe, and manufactured to meet Building Code requirements.


Line with Sorberfoam to reduce internal duct noise or ducts can also be lagged with Wavebar®, where a noise barrier only is required. Soundlag is ideal if a tight radius is present.

Plant rooms

We recommend Sorberbarrier™, Plant rooms with adequate transmission loss should be lined with Sorberfoam™ or Sorbertextile™ to control the reverberation noise or "echo" within rooms.


Commercial buildings in urban areas need considered solutions for quieter living

Residential home theatre rooms ideally have suitable acoustic treatment

Residential, Offices & Living


 Use Wavebar to reduce the transmission of noise between adjoining rooms by improving the wall structure.

The Echohush range of acoustic absorbers combines acoustics and aesthetics, maximising noise energy reduction by absorption, improving acoustics in rooms while providing strong visual qualities to suit any decor. Echohush Profile gives audio and voice clarity to highly reflective areas, a range of contoured and coloured acoustic foam panel systems, it is often used in recording studios and specialised applications. Echohush Cosmo are a unique range of acoustic works of art made from both metal and wooden panels.


Up-rate ceilings with Wavebar to increase transmission loss for both internal and external noise sources such as rain, aircraft and traffic noise, and cross-talk from adjoining rooms.


Use Silentstep carpet underlay to reduce the transmission of airborne noise and footfall noise between floors in multi-storey buildings.



Train, roadway and urban infrastructure challenges create large noise problems without the correct expertise and consideration. Noise barriers, walls and tunnels require suitable lining with high performance noise absorbers. Reapor has had some real success locally and internationally. With a high NRC of 0.90 this granulated glass acoustic panel is highly effective for various fixed infrastructure applications. Sorberscreen Micro has proven success useful in highly noise reflective urban areas and transit zones.

Vibration isolation is also recommended when urban infrastructure projects are considered.

See here for other transportation solutions from Pyrotek. 

infrastructure projects need high performance acoustic solutions