Rail industry relies on Decicoat T35 for anti-condensation

The challenges

Decicoat T35 - Revolutionary anti-condensation coating for Rail Industry complying to the latest EN45545 standard, achieving R1 HL3 from Pyrotek.

Condensation is one of the biggest issues within the rail industry leading to corrosion and shorted life of the trains not to mention reduced performance of thermal insulation in train carriages. There are numerous products on the market however, all deal with the resulting condensation and not with the problem at source.

Decicoat T35 is an anti-condensation coating applied to the walls and ceilings of the carriages at minimum thickness. Result is shifting the dew point and introducing a temperature gradient which results in a dramatic reduction in formation of condensate if not eliminating it completely. One of the main problems when standard insulation products are used is the thermal bridging as insulation material cannot be applied over uneven surfaces. Decicoat T35 is a coating paint which can be applied uniformly over any surface regardless of its shape or form.

The solutions


Decicoat T35 is only one of the unique coatings from Pyrotek. The full range includes protective and acoustic damping coatings, Decidamp SP450 & Decidamp SP500 for interior and exterior applications, all meeting the highest fire requirements, R1 HL3 according to EN45545. In addition, Pyrotek can provide valuable acoustic expertise in rail industry to assist engineers with specifications which will meet customer expectations.

The results


With great anti-condensation properties, Decicoat T35 provides a seamless application with 100% coverage. This means Decicoat T35 successfully prevents thermal bridging. An effective anti-condensation solution, it reduces costly corrosion under insulation.

Decicoat T35 complies to the international EN45545 standard

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