Wavebar Machinery Enclosure

The challenges

When a global adhesive manufacturer needed to address noise level concerns in their Taiwan plant in Yangmei, Taiwan, Pyrotek® were only a phone call away. With an office nearby, if all six machines are running on site, the noise levels were unacceptable. Two adhesive machines were at first addressed to help reduce noise levels for workers, with the noise level at this area previously reaching 91-104 dB or 102-105 dB within the machinery area. Interference with other machines when running, compounded the issue. 

The solutions

The design was to cover two machines in an area with six adhesive machines, immediately near the office. Easy access during maintenance was required with metal press stud buttons preferred for easy removal of the panels, if required
for access or maintenance. Installation included clear window panels.
Wavebar® NC was custom made to suit the machinery area, and to comply with WHS requirement. PVC cloth facing for industrial protection covered the mass barrier Wavebar® 8 kg/m².
Selected for additional absorbing properties was Soberglass 32 kg/m³ which was used to tackle the reverberation issue. Wavebar® NC was fabricated and installed across two years allowing testing and improvements to be succesfully made.
The total area of 1000 m² , was designed to cover the individual machines and reduce noise levels.

Products Used : Wavebar® 8 kg/m², Sorberglass 32 kg/m³, and PVC Cloth were fabricated together into 650 mm by 3.5 m height panels. These pressed together to form a modular, removeable noise curtain. It had custom measurements, clear window panels and was hung via steel profile fixings.

The results

The noise level is lowered from 102-105 dB (Inside machinery enclosure area) to approximately 83-84 dB. This is a perceived difference of more than half to the human ear. The results were deemed so good that Pyrotek® went on to provide solutions for all six machines in the area. Workers nearby are now protected from the high levels of industrial noise that were previously an issue.

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Wavebar NC was fabricated and installed across two years allowing testing and improvements to be succesfully made.
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Document downloads

Document title Document type Document language
WAVEBAR-NC-TDS-314IP Technical Data Sheet English
Wavebar Install (CURTAIN) Installation Guide English
Offshore Marine Brochure English
Wavebar and Quadzero Range Brochure English
WAVEBAR-NC-TDS-314IP-ZH Technical Data Sheet 中文 (Chinese)
Wavebar and Quadzero Range (ZH) Brochure 中文 (Chinese)