Wavebar isolates Construction Noise in West Connex tunnel project

The challenges

Industrial equipment and construction processes can create serious levels of noise which travel to nearby residents. For long projects, neighbouring properties can understandably experience negative conditions, among these, vibration, dust, congestion and of course noise. Possibly the one that impacts the most - thus all project sites must take precautions to contain their activities and manage the site.

The solutions

In this project, spoil sheds were constructed at the site of the tunnel openings and along various areas of the tunnel roadworks. Several of these sheds needed to include a capable mass loaded vinyl to protect and line where noise could otherwise transfer. Addressing the coincidence dip experienced with the rigid metal panels which made up the shed meant effective reduction of noise.

The results

Wavebar was supplied into the sheds and delivered in smaller 5m rolls for ease of install - and so team could carry more up to install in the high shed roof. The product achieved an effective noise reduction and is ideal for construction sites as it is available in various weights, widths and roll lengths.





wavebar spoil shed main ceiling
Spoil Shed Wavebar
Wavebar is ideal for construction site noise, use to line enclosures, sheds and generator covers.
WestConnex tunnels

Document downloads

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Wavebar and Quadzero
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