Iconic sugar mills choose Pyrotek to protect thermal efficiency

The challenges

Sugar manufacturing is a large industrial sector with a great economic impact in many countries across the world. Mills with a resilient history are continually looking for ways to innovate and improve efficiency.

To ensure safety standards in the plant are upheld, a good insulation solution was required for the processing pipework to isolate and reduce the industrial levels of noise from pipes. The materials basic ability to withstand higher continuous temperatures is the typical criteria in such applications and here was no different. The benefit of easy installation was crucial - given the timing of the insulation replacement needed to work around the high pressure crushing season.

The solutions

Known in the market to provide good, local covers, the decision was based upon Pyrotek’s ability to measure and  - help install - quickly and with a highly experienced team.

Often referred to as thermal blankets and high temperature covers, insulation serves an important purpose. When given the proper treatment, it creates excellent personal protection from heat and the areas are simply safer. Visual inspection for maintenance is made easier, given they are easy to remove and replace, or simply re-attach back in place with considered and robust fastening methods.

Industrial temperatures experienced in the processing environment do lead to condensation and vapour transmission. Effective insulation needs to allow for these conditions and consider direct effect on reducing energy costs.

The results

The excellence in safety is emphasised. Pyrotek's materials are highly heat resistant, in many cases non-combustible - and include noise barriers for superior transmission loss.

Local expertise and supply were important when providing the designs for high  performance covers. The covers were successfully provided and installed onto the site with reduced man hours to install. In addition to reducing noise from processing pipes, the thermal loss factor is one extra effect and energy efficiencies have been realised.  

Pyrotek manufacture custom solutions to address noise and heat from valves, and ductwork in commercial, industrial and offshore applications.

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Mills with a resilient history are continually looking for ways to innovate and grow with the trends of the future. Energy efficiency from removable thermal covers is always important.
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