Bespoke insulation for LNG Projects

The challenges

Trains to convert natural gas into liquefied natural gas experience high heat differentials.  A typical train consists of a compression area, propane condenser area, methane, and ethane areas. Facilities cost of liquefaction due to temperature based challenges can vary greatly. With effective insulation comes better efficiency, and crucial safety considerations. Selecting a complete system can be difficult. These are often fabricated as needed as an afterthought or repaired on site.

The solutions

The specification covered the design and installation requirements for flexible, reusable, removable, thermal insulation covers, prefabricated and custom-fit for specific piping flanges, flanged valves, and equipment in hydrocarbon, steam, and other services.Covers were designed to mechanically shed water by the use of suitable overlaps and not depend on the application of organic joint sealants to keep the insulation dry. Joint sealants shall be applied as a secondary or backup seal on adjoining metal edges.

All valve covers were designed to permit full function of the valve and not obscure the valve's position indicator. They were fabricated with parting faces at the cover low point to facilitate drainage or a drainage grommet or tube shall be installed at the low point. Any leak from the packing gland or flanges must be channelled out of the cover so that it does not soak into the insulation. Pyrotek industrial jackets Thumb

The crucial benefit of including a proven system of barrier and insulation means energy loss is reduced and thus efficiencies are realised. The added bonus in the consideration is best practice in environmental footprint, covers last longer and provide good performance over a longer lifetime.

Pyrotek provide turnkey solutions to many companies despite remoteness. Designs are expertly measured on site after drawings are provided, and thus are made and checked to fit any requirement including dynamic curves and elbows. Fabricated insulation provides good, complete coverage to provide better safety on site.


• Low maintenance and inspection time: Pyrotek insulation jackets can be safely and easily removed for ease of maintenance and therefore keep downtime to a minimum. Furthermore, insulation jackets can be removed and refitted by maintenance personnel directly, excluding the requirement for specialist sub-contractors.

• Low installation time: Insulation jackets by Pyrotek are flexible and therefore easier to handle and install in relation to conventional cladding.

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The results

Pyrotek is a recognised name within the industry for its bespoke design services and high quality engineering standards. As one of the industry leaders in thermal solutions and heat management. From original concept through to development and high volume production, we offer close technical support to ensure all criteria is met to meet challenging production requirements.

Customised industrial jackets can be used to effectively insulate pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, actuators, junction boxes, vessels and other process equipment for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and manufacturing and processing equipment.


generic oilrig main linedrawing
Wheatstone header
Providing excellent personal protection from heat with the added benefit of being easy to remove when performing maintenance.
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