Decidamp Pad

high performance vibration isolation and damping pad

Decidamp® Isolation Pad is a high-performance, vinyl-based vibration isolation and damping pad. The product offers a combination of good mechanical strength and vibration damping properties, that enable them to absorb large amounts of mechanical energy from vibrating structures.

Structures from materials such as sheet metal (steel, alloy, tin etc.) and rigid plastics (ABS and FRP etc.), which have minimal internal damping properties, resonate at their natural frequencies, vibrate on impact and easily transmit noise.

Decidamp® Isolation pads are one of the most effective forms of extensional damping materials that can be easily bonded to vibrating surfaces to reduce impact-generated noise and resonant vibration at its source.

When used as part of a constrained layer system, that is, used as an interlayer between a substrate and a constraining layer, it flexes during vibration, undergoing shear with the other materials and dissipates the resultant strain energy, as low grade frictional heat. It can be formed into grommets, bushings and other isolators for use as soft connections between components to control vibration, shock and noise.


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