Indonesian Commercial Building Facade

The challenges

A new high rise commercial building located in Sudireman Central Business District of Indonesia is using the highest standards to achieve great results. With German engineering, it is the first of its kind in Indonesia, and it has been awarded with the LEED Platinum Grade Pre-certification, granted by the US Green Building Council.

The aluminium facade, created by PT Shenyang Yuanda, posed a challenge for Pyrotek® to come up with an engineered solution. Solving this high impact noise problem was all in a day’s work for the team. Due to the design of the building, during rain, noise impact from rain drops and wind can cause tinniness and ringing on aluminium façade panel, which would potentially reverberate throughout the building. Highly disruptive, it would mean great potential to receive major complaints from future tenants. Raw metal including aluminium can become acoustically excited due to impact noise. Put into perspective, this building hosts 40 floors, each with a façade made of aluminium, combined with a 2 mm thick tempered glass panel - over the 209.45 metres of high rise construction. Without a good acoustic solution, that is a lot of noise.

During a heavy rain fall, the untreated façade would emit high levels of noise, amplifying throughout the building adding up to a lot of disruption. With such a high level of noise building up, consideration of acoustic treatment was crucial to the design.

In order to reduce the impact noise, vibration damping was recommended to be applied to the facade.

The solutions

Decidamp® SP80 (formerly Soundpaint SP150) was suggested for the facade panels as this product is lightweight and highly effective for this type of application. Easily applied by an air pressure spray system including texture gun and bottom entry pressure spot, Decidamp® SP80 is a fast drying, water based viscoelastic vibration damping compound.

The appropriate dry coating thickness of Decidamp® SP80 applied on the façade was 1 mm, this would maximise the results. Once painted on the surface and cured, it will last for the lifetime of the facade. It has excellent adhesion and due to the non-sag formulation this product will not be affected by the rain or outdoor exposure.

The results

A total of 6,000 square metres of the aluminium façade was covered by Decidamp® SP80 (formerly Soundpaint SP150), PT Shenyang Yuanda found the application fast and light weight as it was an easy process and it was completed swiftly.

Already there has been a significant, noticeable improvement on the façade since the application took place. Now they are officially specified, this early action of soundproofing the building will continue to attract potential tenants.

A total of 6,000 square metres of the aluminium façade was covered by SP80. PT Shenyang Yuanda found the application fast and light weight as it was an easy process.

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DECIDAMP-SP-RANGE-INSTALL-103-1IG Installation Guide English
Pyrotek-DECIDAMP-RANGE-BROCHURE-2018 Brochure English
Decidamp-SP80-Rain-Noise-Attentuation-EN Installation Guide English
Pyrotek Building Catalogue 2018 Catalogues English
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DECIDAMP-SP80-TDS-113IP-ZH Technical Data Sheet 中文