Ideal Noise Solutions for Chutes & Elevator Shafts

The challenges

In today's dense urban landscape, the population is on the rise with fast-growing cities around the world; US, Australia and the Middle East are many countries that are experiencing increased demand for high rise residential buildings. As the residential and commercial occupation of these new buildings increases, so too does the need for convenient garbage and recycling disposal across multi-storied apartments. Garbage chutes provide an easy, hygienic method for garbage disposal, a crucial factor during the planning of such buildings. High tech, highly considered options complete with robotic parts, exhausts, cleaning operations and doors mean these essential utilities are now smarter and their impact to occupants is growing. Requirements are in place which mean safety and fire standards must meet relevant international and local building codes.

Horizon Chutes based in Pune, India, specialise in the manufacture and installation of smart garbage chutes around the world. Produced in galvanised steel to meet international fire standards, Horizon Chute’s has a reputation that has enabled them to acquire many projects across the globe to supply various solutions.

Disposed items often produce high levels of noise as they proceed through the chutes. The impact of objects produces structural vibration, generating unwanted noise that can cause a disturbance. As per specification, Horizon Chute desired a damping application to address this issue and prevent excess vibration and noise from interrupting residents. With a surface finish of 1mm dry film thickness and easy application requirements, Pyrotek India were approached for a damping solution.

The solutions

Pyrotek proceeded with several spraying experiments through various nozzle tips to determine the optimized application method. Decidamp SP80 was recommended.

Decidamp SP80 is a fast-drying, water-based viscoelastic vibration damping compound. Designed to suit building applications, the advanced formula was specially developed to efficiently dissipate vibrational energy and reduce effects of impact noise. An added feature is the exceptional adhesion to aluminium and steel.

Once dry, the cured film is chip resistant and exhibits low combustibility, complying with international standards. Decidamp is also available in a range of unique formulations, optimised for unique applications across building, marine, and transportation markets.

The results

 With the trials complete, Pyrotek was able to provide the easy application product to meet the customer expectations, to effectively absorb and dissipate excess vibrational energy.

Pyrotek supplied Decidamp SP80 to meet the specified delivery deadlines, which lead to additional local orders for a global rollout. Happily the partnership with Pyrotek will continue into the future.

generic side image
high rise city Pune
Decidamp applied to garbage chutes to dissipate vibrational energy
Decidamp SP80 chute

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