Decidamp CLD

constrained layer vibration damping pad

Decidamp® CLD is a constrained layer, visco-elastic damping material, designed to reduce structural vibration and sound transmission within light gauge materials. Decidamp® CLD was developed to meet market noise reduction requirements across automotive, marine, industrial and OEM markets.

To achieve this high performance, the Pyrotek® engineering team developed a product that thermally bonds three layers; a rigid outer metal layer, a visco-elastic membrane and a high-tack adhesive layer, hence the name CLD (Constrained Layer Damping).

The product achieves the highest fire ratings complying with International Marine Organisation standards for low spread of flame, as well as British standards, achieving Class “0” Vibration is reduced by allowing the visco-elastic layer to flex, which creates shear strains between two rigid substrates, hence noise-creating energy is lost.

Lightweight panel constructions such as sheet metal (steel, alloy, tin etc.) and rigid plastics (ABS and FRP etc.) easily transmit noise when affected by natural resonance from vibration energies. By applying Decidamp® CLD to rigid, lightweight structures, the natural frequency of the vibrating surface is changed, lowering radiated noise (vibration), and increasing the transmission loss of the product.

Decidamp® materials contain no ozone-depleting substances and comply with European and Australian standards for Volatile Organic Compound emissions.

Decidamp® CLD