HVAC noise creates nuisance as urban density increases.

HVAC systems create different levels and spectra of sound, depending on the design, installation and equipment power source and can be an annoyance to adjacent residential buildings .More than half of the world's population live in urban areas and there are over 1.6 Billion HVAC units worldwide creating noise impact when neighbours are close enough to be affected.HVAC infographic mar20

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We at Pyrotek are asked this question all the time, from all levels and walks of life. How do we address air conditioner noise? And this is residential, industrial, onboard luxury vessel and workboats, even on train and light rail systems. It is an aspect of noise control we're quite experienced in, and depending on the application, typically there is an appropriate, proven and often simple system solution. High performing materials can be attuned to suit the relevant frequencies and unique compositions are useful to protect residents, workers and anyone close enough to be affected. 

Noise walls, noise enclosures and other flexible barrier solutions, as well as vibration damping or duct lagging, can be used to address potentially noisy units.

Achieve quieter, more livable environments. Check out our extensive product range here.

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