Supermarket Roof-top Noise Absorbed

The challenges

PAK’nSAVE’s Mill Street, Hamilton (New Zealand) warehouse was undertaking building works to install new air conditioning units having condenser units mounted on the roof.

The new construction project had to adhere to Clause G6 – Airborne and Impact Sound of the New Zealand Building Code (2006). The provisions within the clause state that the:

‘Objective of this provision is to safeguard people from illness or loss of amenity as a result of undue noise being transmitted between abutting occupancies.’

Compliance with provisions set out in Clause G6 was important for this project due to the supermarket property’s zoning as business/residential. This category of zoning means emitted noise levels must be treated to comply with local district noise limits.

The solutions

Project architects and engineers from Stiffe Hooker engaged Pyrotek to specify and design an acoustic screen solution to enclose the new roof top condensers and prevent operational noise becoming a nuisance to nearby residential dwellings.

Reapor was the ideal acoustic solution for this build as they have a very high noise reduction coefficient (NRC), are easy to install and provided the necessary durability for the outdoor application.

NRC is a widely accepted industry standard that provides an average of how absorptive a material is. The NRC is defined from 0 (perfectly reflective) to 1 (perfectly absorptive) always expressed as a decimal rounded to the nearest 0.05. With an NRC rating of 0.90 the 50 mm Reapor tiles provide an outstanding level of sound absorption, making them the ideal soundproofing solution to absorb and eliminate the loud industrial noise emanating from the condensers.

The results

Post-installation feedback deemed Reapor an easy to use and successful soundproofing solution:
The installation of Reapor tiles has greatly eliminated plant noise from roof top condensers at PAK’nSAVE’s Hamilton warehouse. The reduction means that the building now adheres to Clause G6 of the New Zealand Building Code.

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Overall, it was good to work with and the overall finish was aesthetically pleasing. There was a great difference in the sound reduction after installation.
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