Combat condensation & corrosion under insulation

Corrosion can be avoided - treat it successfully at the source with a lightweight anti-condensation coating.

Decicoat T35 pail

Condensation is a major issue within the transport industry. If left untreated, it can result in corrosion and shortened life span of trains and vehicles, as well as reduced performance of applied thermal insulation. There are numerous products on the market; however, all deal with the resulting condensation and not with the problem at source. Pyrotek Decicoat™ T35 coating succeeds in exactly that.

Meeting the EN45545 R1, R7, R8, HL3 standards, Decicoat T35 is an anti-condensation & anti-corrosion sprayable coating applied to walls and ceilings of carriages at minimum thickness. By shifting the dew point and introducing a temperature gradient, it dramatically reduces the formation of condensate, if not completely eliminating it.

One of the main problems with standard insulation products is that they cannot be applied over uneven surfaces, causing thermal bridging. Decicoat T35 can be applied uniformly over any surface, regardless of its shape or form.

In applications with the long-established insulation materials, in order to deal with the drainage for the condensation formed, no thermal/acoustic insulation can be used in certain areas of the vehicles. Pyrotek Decicoat T35 can be applied as thin as 1 millimetre and still allow conventional insulation to be used, without compromising thermal properties of the carriage.

Decicoat T35 Heat Transfer

In addition to Decicoat, Pyrotek offers acoustic damping coatings, Decidamp® SP450 & Decidamp® SP500, for interior and exterior applications, all meeting the highest fire requirements, R1, R7, R8, HL3 according to EN45545. Pyrotek can also provide valuable acoustic expertise in the transport industry to assist engineers with specifications required to meet customer expectations.

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