Quieter NSW Police Boats

The challenges

Stebercraft are regarded as the premium manufacturer of commercial fibreglass vessels and composite components. Steber International manufacture on behalf of the NSW Water Police and have built over 50 vessels for State and Federal governments including Defence, State and Federal Police, Customs and Fisheries. All marine vessels require effective soundproofing solutions as they tend to emit high levels of noise from engine room enclosures, generators, and floors, creating a loud atmosphere for those on-board.

Pyrotek have been a supplier of Stebercraft for many years, providing them with quality insulation products installed in engine rooms and cabin areas. Pyrotek were asked to design a noise control system needed for a Australian Police Boat. The vessel had to meet noise requirements and regulations for use on NSW waters. The acoustic and thermal solution also required a product to meet stringent fire safety requirements.

The solutions

The Pyrotek products installed in this vessel included Sorberbarrier, Sorberfoam and Decidamp SP150.  Sorberfoam was selected as it is formulated to reduce reverberation noise in automotive markets and specifically targets the echo noise developed in the marine vessel engine rooms. The unique composite Sorberbarrier was used as both a mass barrier and a high property absorber in the interior of the Police boat. Using this product, reduced and eliminated the noise that was impacting the marine vessel. Decidamp SP150 was also recommended as a vibration damping solution to apply to the walls of the water vessel. Decidamp SP150 eliminates the opportunity for the vibration radiating as airborne sound. The soundproofing materials were strategically placed to ensure minimal noise is transmitted throughout the carrier.

The results

After installation Alan Steber of Stebercraft International noted the client was very impressed with the finish and easy-to-clean surface. The sound insulation qualities were excellent and met the required dB ratings for the customer. Stebercraft were pleased they were able to deliver a quality product to their client with the help of Pyrotek’s noise solutions. Pyrotek’s products meet the strict installation fire and noise insulation requirements for marine vessels.

Stebercraft Boat Interior
Stebercraft Boat Interior 1

Document downloads

Document title Document type Document language
Decidamp SP150 Technical Data Sheet English
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Decidamp SP150 (JA) Technical Data Sheet 日本語 (Japanese)
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Decidamp Range Brochure English
Decidamp SP150 (ZH) Technical Data Sheet 中文 (Chinese)
Decidamp Range Brochure 中文 (Chinese)
Decidamp SP Range Installation (ZH) Installation Guide 中文 (Chinese)
SORBERFOAM-TDS-211IP Technical Data Sheet English
Sorberfoam-Install-201-1IG Installation Guide English
SORBERFOAM-V-TDS-261IP Technical Data Sheet English
SORBERFOAM-PU-TDS-231IP Technical Data Sheet English
SORBERFOAM-M-TDS-241IP Technical Data Sheet English
SORBERFOAM-GC-TDS-271IP Technical Data Sheet English
SORBERFOAM-AGC-TDS-221IP Technical Data Sheet English
SORBERBARRIER-TDS-43IP Technical Data Sheet English
Sorberbarrier-Install-405-1IG Installation Guide English
SORBERBARRIER-M-TDS-425IP Technical Data Sheet English
SORBERBARRIER-PU-TDS-435IP Technical Data Sheet English
SORBERBARRIER-V-TDS-445IP Technical Data Sheet English
SORBERBARRIER-ML-AGC-TDS-475IP Technical Data Sheet English
SORBERBARRIER-AGC-TDS-485IP Technical Data Sheet English
Transport Summary Brochure English
SORBERBARRIER-AGC-TDS-4853IP-RU Technical Data Sheet русский (Russian)
SORBERBARRIER-TDS-43IP-ZH Technical Data Sheet 中文 (Chinese)