40 metres below the surface, Pyrotek helps deliver a quiet & safe commute

The challenges

A major metropolitan rail infrastructure project, the Metro Tunnel, is underway in the City of Melbourne, to connect the northwest and southeast of the city, creating five new underground stations. Once complete, the twin 9km-long tunnels will accommodate more trains and move more passengers in and out of the city, bypassing Flinders Street station and the City Loop. The leading consultant for Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP), Arup, selected Pyrotek products to meet the performance criteria outlined in the specification after successfully observing the sound absorbers installed in tunnel projects across Sydney. With ultimate comfort, fire, and safety performance critical for commuters, Pyrotek provided unique acoustic materials to achieve desired acoustic insulation performance.

The solutions

Pyrotek supplied noise absorbers, Reapor for the tunnel walls, and Viterolite panels for the rail floor, enabling Melbourne travellers to soon enjoy a pleasant and safe commute via the Metro Tunnel with Pyrotek’s innovative products.

Reapor and Viterolite were specified in the project for their excellent sound absorption qualities and fire properties, providing durability, non-combustible and zero smoke emissions properties. Reapor and Viterolite offer a customised tile design reducing installation and maintenance in complex infrastructure projects. Both products are designed to effectively provide maximum sound absorption across a broad range of frequencies, ensuring in-carriage noise levels remain below the permissible limits for passenger and driver comfort and safety.

Reapor and Viterolite will resist weather, water, and UV exposure, delivering an exceptionally high noise reduction coefficient (NRC).

The results

Pyrotek worked closely with Lead Engineer Nick Prasad from CYP to streamline the application process and meet the tight delivery schedule outlined, delivering over 150 semi-trucks of product on time without quality issues. Testing of the Metro project is underway to ensure the twin tunnels are safe and ready for passengers in 2025. CYP have communicated how pleased they are with both the acoustic result and the flawless management and coordination by Pyrotek throughout the project. Acoustic absorbers provided will allow travellers to experience the ultimate comfort of a faster, yet quieter commute through Melbourne.

Image credits: Victoria's Big Build & Rail Projects Victoria


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With Pyrotek advanced soundproofing materials, the Melbourne Metro Tunnel will boast ultimate levels of acoustic comfort, and an uncompromised level of safety.
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