Subdue SSAL

A multi-layered acoustic panel constructed from two outer layers of marine grade Okoume ply, with an inner core comprising of a dense, damped viscoelastic layer and faced with a highly protective aluminium layer.
With excellent noise transmission loss Subdue was developed to meet noise reduction requirements in marine, commercial and rail construction.
The viscoelastic core is made from a special polymer, developed to provide excellent damping properties that reduce structural vibration, resulting in lower airborne noise. This unique property makes Subdue the highest performing composite panel in the product range.
Subdue’s unique multi layered composition with inner core layer, shifts the coincidence dip to frequencies limiting its impact, thereby
maintaining the performance of panels.

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• Floor, partition walls and lining panels

• High privacy areas such as interrogation rooms, boardrooms, master staterooms

• Extensively specified for interior marine construction e.g. bulkheads, cabin partitions, floating floors

• Flooring systems in the rail and motor coach industry to reduce road and track noise

• High quality speaker enclosures in audio industry

• Fabrication of acoustic doors

• Used in conjunction with an isolation mount to create floating wall, floor and ceiling systems


• Lightweight, marine grade plywood, tested to BS1088 bonded using water resistant glues

• Tested to EN717-2 and AS/NZS 2098.11 for low Formaldehyde emission

• Approved for rail use / meets ASTM

• Available in various constructions (offering weight savings) to suit different designs and acoustic requirements and configurations - aluminium facing

• Superior damping properties over standard plywood and similar panels

• High noise reduction properties

• Low installation cost - easily cut, shaped, fabricated and installed

• Available in preformed cut panels