Subdue L

lightweight noise barrier

Subdue’s innovative engineering and material process uses a unique combination of viscoelastic cores, lamination technology and outer layer materials to produce high performing composite panels at lower weights. An improvement over conventional manufacturing techniques, these panels now maximise noise reduction (STC rating) and effectively reduce the transfer of vibration (dB/sec decay rating) throughout the structure.

Subdue® is a lightweight multi-layered panel offering exceptional acoustic properties. The outer layers of the sandwich panel are constructed from a choice of lightweight but rigid and strong high-quality materials, such as plywood, glass- reinforced plastic or metals, with a range of sound insulating materials as inner cores. Subdue was developed to meet noise reduction requirements in marine, rail, industrial and OEM markets. The panels are specially designed to optimise acoustic solutions at lower weights and are an ideal choice in weight-sensitive applications where strength and good sound insulation properties are required. The panels can be supplied in standard or custom-designed modular sizes for ease of installation, offering labour, cost and time savings.

Subdue® L