Sorberscreen FM40 CM40

micro perforated aluminium panels

Sorberscreen™ FM40 and CM40 are fibre-free, lightweight, all aluminium sound and noise absorbing honeycomb panels with flat or corrugated micro-perforated aluminium surfaces.
Sorberscreen™ FM40 / CM40 feature a hard, durable finish with a facing sheet thickness of 0.9 mm (FM40), 1.0 mm (CM40) and a subtle aesthetic appeal.
Applied as a decorative feature wall, on the ceiling of a building or as a noise panel application in commercial projects, Sorberscreen™ FM40 / CM40 can also be placed in engine bay applications and around enclosures for effective noise control.
Absorb problem frequencies by selecting Sorberscreen™ FM40 / CM40 in differing panel thickness. Low frequency performance improves as the depth of the air-cavity within the honeycomb layer increases. Sorberscreen™ FM40 / CM40 can be cut and drilled with conventional metal working tools.

Sorberscreen CM40 and FM40