Sorbermel AGC

Melamine Foam Faced with Aluminium Foil Glass Cloth

Sorbermel® AGC is made from a flexible, open-cell foam made from melamine resin, faced with a durable flame retardant aluminium foil covered glass cloth facing – ‘AGC’.

The light grey foam Sorbermel®, features a three-dimensional delicate network structure of slender filaments. The foam exhibits excellent resistance to hydrolysis and combustion. It is lightweight, flame retardant and has excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation properties.

Tested to IMO A653-16, the melamine resin based foam carries EC Type Certification (MED B) and demonstrates excellent resistance to hydrolysis and combustion.

Sorbermel melamine foam is lighter, dimensionally stable and stiffer than polyurethane foams and hence a favoured choice in weight-sensitive applications and where enhanced fire safety and moisture resistance properties are required. Being low weight, it contributes to the energy efficiency of rail and utility vehicles, enhancing passenger safety.

Its open cell structure enhances sound absorption and works by trapping noise energy thus preventing it from reflecting back as an echo. The use of an aluminium foil covered glass cloth face, - AGC, enhances mid to low frequency absorption and provides additional protection to the foam from mechanical stress and dirt, oil and liquid ingress. It also enhances the fire and thermal insulation performance of the foam.

Its combination of outstanding physical, acoustic, thermal and fire properties make Sorbermel the choice for various industrial applications such as the rail, automotive, marine, building and construction.

Sorbermel AGC