Sorberfoam AGC

combustion modified acoustic foam with aluminium foil glass cloth facing

Sorberfoam AGC combines the next generation of combustion modified, flexible acoustic foams laminated with a durable, flame retardant aluminium foil covered glass cloth surface covering–AGC.

In conjunction with leading laboratories and test facilities, Pyrotek has formulated and developed polyurethane foam that outperforms traditional acoustic foams by controlling the cell size, porosity, density and the flow resistivity throughout the cell structure. Traditional polyurethane foams often break down through hydrolysis (foam rot) under hot, humid and acidic conditions. Sorberfoam AGC is engineered to resist degradation or foam rot.

An aluminium foil covered glass cloth facing is laminated to the surface of Sorberfoam to alter the natural absorption curve enhancing sound absorption in mid to low frequencies. The facing also provides additional protection to the foam from mechanical stress and dirt, oil and liquid ingress and enhances the fire and thermal insulation performance of the foam. It offers higher level of flame resistance than Reinforced Aluminium (ALR) facing thereby enhancing the fire and thermal insulation performance of the foam.

Sorberfoam has been proven to absorb substantially more energy across the entire frequency range than traditional polyurethane foams.

Sorberfoam AGC offers an alternative to mineral fibre products that tend to shed fibres during application. The tendency for fibrous products to lose thickness over a period of time means their absorption properties will also be reduced. Sorberfoam AGC eliminates this hazard offering a safer alternative in noise absorption.

Sorberfoam AGC