Pyrotek successfully trials new Product Development

The challenges

Developing specialised acoustic and thermal engineering solutions that lead the way is significantly important within the marine industry globally. It is no different right here in Australia, particularly in providing our navy fleet and crew with modern, sustainable, and “green” products. Pyrotek’s aim is to continually develop new and advanced materials to exceed the local and international requirements and standards.

An Australian manufacturer of navy surface vessels who we have worked closely with for several years, required an effective vibration damping product that didn’t require installers to wear specialised PPE during application – they also wanted other trades to continue working during the application of these solutions and to reduce the down time. The map for success was clear: reduce installation time, contain no hazardous substances, allow other trades to continue during application and deliver outstanding results.

The solutions

Decidamp DC06 was developed to meet comfort levels of install and installation safety - a water based, two component damping compound, comprising a non-hazardous formula – with exceptional performance. 

Decidamp DC06 delivers viscoelastic damping properties and achieves significant reductions of radiated structure-borne noise, effective over broad temperature, and frequency ranges. The mixed formula is troweled onto metal counter-plate – normally perforated which will reduce the weight of the system and then bonded to the surface requiring vibration damping, forming a secure bond between the counter-plate and substrate.

The products properties mean it is safe to use in confined environments, therefore eliminating the need for any special PPE requirements – a real game changer in this market.

The results

Comfort levels for install was the major winner here as the need for air fed respirators was eliminated. Other trades were able to continue work alongside – during the application of DC06.  Set up and pack up times significantly reduced, and performances of the solution not adversely impacted.

“Clean up was quick and easy with a bucket of water for the trowels and mixer. Win Win!!”

Pyrotek continues to lead the way to develop products within our Marine Industry to successfully ensure targets are continually met, productivity is maximised, and safety is not compromised.


Decidamp DC06
Decidamp DC06 Mixed 1
Pyrotek continually aims to develop modern, sustainable and “green" products for the Marine Industry while effectively ensuring targets are met, productivity is maximised, and safety is not compromised.
Decidamp DC06 documents

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Decidamp DC06 Technical Data Sheet English
Decidamp DC06 Installation Installation Guide English
Decidamp DC06 (JA) Technical Data Sheet 日本語 (Japanese)
Marine Summary Brochure English
Marine Summary (ZH) Brochure 中文 (Chinese)