First Commercial Sorberscreen® Micro Application in Australia

Pyrotek’s Sorberscreen® Micro has recently obtained its first commercial application in Australia, installed as an outdoor acoustic wall in a busy loading dock. The loading dock required a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.8, necessary to reduce the impact of reverberant noise that is otherwise a constant feature of loading docks.

Featuring large expanses of hard materials, highly reverberant spaces such as loading docks create an accumulative effect of existing sounds. While this may not be of much concern where acoustics are not a key design driver, long reverberation times can impact speech intelligibility and make it harder to interpret communicated instructions clearly. Furthermore, failing to control reverberant noise can also lead to excess noise spilling out into surrounding areas including apartments and homes.

In order to reduce noise reverberation and echo in the loading dock area, noise control strategies were implemented along the perimeter wall. Sorberscreen® Micro panels were installed with an air-gap of 100 mm behind the wall surface to improve the lower-frequency reductions.

The result was an aesthetically pleasing solution with minimal ongoing maintenance, using a product held in high regard by architects and consultants. The project represents continued success by Pyrotek to position themselves as industry leaders in passive acoustic solutions.

Off the back of our recently launched website and digital resources, this latest offering from Pyrotek stands as an impressive step forward in meeting the needs of a growing demand globally.

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Posted by Danielle Moore