Soundlag in Cinemas - where Acoustics matter

The challenges

An entertainment cinema giant of the Middle East and North Africa turned to Pyrotek when expanding their movie theatre network. They realize sound is a crucial aspect of any motion picture viewing experience and wanted to match the comfort and luxury of the newly built auditoriums with a parallel sound quality. Their expansion throughout the region, currently fifty locations in the MENA region totaling 514 screens, makes them Middle East’s largest and most rapidly growing exhibitor. Ensuring the level of experiences they offer surpass their viewers’ highest expectations, they cater to various audiences and include a multitude of viewing concepts, from deluxe to mega screen to multisensory as well as a concept dedicated to the smallest viewers - kids.

Aiming for the best possible sound experience in every auditorium, all external noise needed to be blocked out to allow the visitors to focus purely on the sound they are meant to hear - the film audio. Taking this into account, one of the issues in the design process of the new build of the nine new locations across UAE and KSA was to tackle noise generated by fall and flow of wastewater in the PVC piping system located in the ceiling of the theaters.

The solutions

The installation specialists turned to Pyrotek for a solution. A high-performance composite acoustic lagging product – Soundlag 4525C, was selected to mitigate the pipe noise issue. Tested and preferred by top acoustic and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) specialists, it is the leading product of choice to reduce waste water noise from pipes, fan housings, and ducting in building environments.  

Comprising of a highly dense and flexible mass layer as well as a decoupling layer, it provides excellent reduction of sound radiating from inside the pipes and at the same time, breaks the vibration path between the pipe substrate and the mass barrier, allowing the wrap to remain flexible and easy to install. The external foil facing is fire resistant and offers an excellent surface for joining adjacent sheets for a smooth installation process.

The results

A series of testing done prior to installation, led and supervised by MEP specialists, demonstrated Soundlag’s excellent performance in reducing the level of noise coming from the PVC drainage pipes, resulting in official procurement and approval to be installed in the new cinema projects. Maintaining consistent performance and trustworthy quality, Soundlag guarantees quieter ducts and pipes. It reduces noise in hydraulic and waste pipes by up to 25 dB(A) and is a preferred solution to low-noise pipe products by offering a significantly higher performance - of up to 5 dB(A).

Soundlag 4525C was installed in a total of nine cinemas with locations spanning across the UAE and KSA, from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to Jeddah and Riyadh with each cinema complex covering approximately 4 000 m2. Soundlag enhances the sound quality for the viewers to complement the luxurious and superior movie experience surrounding them.

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Soundlag™ successfully blocks out waste water noise from pipes in the ceilings of the auditoriums, allowing for uninterrupted screen time.

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