Škoda choose lightweight solutions for tram projects

The challenges

Škoda Transportation is one of the leaders in city and railway transport manufacturing throughout Europe. After a successful project for the Turkish city of Konya, Škoda Transportation has been able to secure another project involving the construction of Tram 18 for another Turkish town, Eskisehir. This project consists of the development of 14 trams where, amongst other factors, effective noise reduction, low product weight, and thermal insulation play an essential role.

The solutions

Pyrotek products have been selected to provide an acoustic and thermal solution for the tram construction. The products for the T18 project consists of Sorberpoly 2D AGC, Decidamp SP500, and accessories such as Install Pins and ALR Tapes (high-performance insulation reinforced aluminium foil tapes) for the application of insulation materials.

Sorberpoly™ 2D AGC is a polyester insulation offering sound absorbing and thermal insulation properties, made from non-woven, ultrafine polyester fibres. Sorberpoly is faced with a durable, flame retardant Aluminium foil covered Glass Cloth – ‘AGC’ suitable for high humidity applications. Sorberpoly was installed in the walls and ceilings to reduce the noise levels.

Decidamp® SP500 is a fast-drying, water-based viscoelastic vibration damping compound. The advanced lightweight formula provides an acoustic improvement when applied to structures exposed to vibration and impact sound. It effectively absorbs and dissipates vibrational energy from the flexural stress of the base structure, while also protecting against moisture penetration. Once dry, the cured film is UV, water, and chip resistant that exhibits low combustibility.

The results

Pyrotek was successful in the 18T project as all the supplied materials comply with the latest EN45545 regulations for the rail industry. Another critical factor in the selection of Pyrotek products was the compliance to the low weight limits of each application. Decidamp SP500 was chosen not only for its lightweight characteristic and compliance to EN45545-2 but also for its conformity to the R7 and R10 fire regulations. Sorberpoly 2D has also been successful from the thermal insulation aspect and fulfilled the customer’s expectations and needs. We look forward to our continued cooperation with the Škoda Transportation Group in their future projects.

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Chosen for compliance to EN45545-2 and for conformity to the R7 and R10 fire regulations.
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