Removable Valve covers for LNG pipeline

The challenges

Thermal efficiency in this sector can be improved by providing specialty valve and flange covers to help maintain the correct temperature of gas as it moves through the processing facility. A high number of LNG pipework applications work with experienced teams to produce customised, industry proven solutions. Options range from flexible, reusable, removable, thermal insulation covers, prefabricated and custom-fit for specific piping flanges, flanged valves, and equipment in hydrocarbon, steam and processing trains.

The challenge in any LNG scenario is primarily concerning quick easy access for maintenance and replacement, as well as achieving thermal efficiency for smooth temperature levels. Too often systems of insulation are makeshift without proper fitting and thus effectiveness as true insulation is compromised. Lack of certification on materials within insulation systems can be the area where critical safety and heat levels is a risk.

The solutions

Removeable  insulation covers are durable and designed for quick, easy install. Protecting pipework in these ways have worked in many projects throughout the world. Pyrotek solutions are proven to withstand the test of time.

Complete systems of custom made removeable / reusable valve and flange covers make it easy to visually inspect and replace damage for maintenance. Simple, durable fastening systems mean the pieces are easier to get on and off the machinery. Manpower and maintenance savings of 70% and upwards can be realised.

The results

With local ISO9001 approved manufacture available, creating customised covers to suit acoustic requirements and heat sensitive applications is no issue. Delivery schedules and expertise are easily provided by teams with the knowledge and equipment to solve your insulation headaches. Headed up in the Brisbane manufacturing facilities in Australia, we work with you to create proven systems and installs.


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